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Professional Private Investigators – Throughout California & The Nation!

Our fully-licensed private investigators are available 24/7 to help solve your problem and get the evidence you need. Our private investigators have experience in providing private investigation services in a wide-range of cases, including:

  • AOE / COE Recorded Statements
  • Injury & Disability Surveillance
  • Scene Photography & Diagraming
  • Witness Interviews & More!

With over 10,000 members in our national network of licensed private investigators-

Nobody Is Beyond Our Reach!

Tested Investigative Services That Prevent Fraud

Whether you’re an insurance carrier, third party administrator (TPA), or self-insured employer, our firm has the resources to take your SIU investigations into the field. Sub Rosa — covert — surveillance is one of our firm’s specialties. Many of our private investigators are experienced former undercover cops who will get the evidence you need without ever being detected.

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Special hourly, daily or flat pricing available for insurance carriers, third party administrators and law firms specializing in defending insurance claims.

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