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At the Private Security Center, we believe in providing actual security and not the false appearance of it, as many of our competitors do. We believe in order to protect you and your property, a competent security force should be well trained, equipped and encouraged to act when a situation calls for it.

While in the past, the presence of a low wage security guard on premises may have proven to deter some criminal activity, today it is proving not to be the case. More and more security guards are more frequently being challenged and confronted by trespassers, criminals and harassers, which is driving the need for better trained, better equipped and more disciplined security officers. In answering the these demands, we employ and deploy only the best security guards in the business, those with police training and experience. If you are experiencing inadequate service and lack of continuity due to a high turn over rate of low wage security guards, our professional security services are right for your organization. Just call us and one of our professional security consultants will come out, assessment your security needs and help you get the protection you need while staying on budget.

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