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Professional Private Investigators – Throughout California & The Nation!

Our private investigators are available 24/7 to aggressively investigate and get the evidence needed to help your clients. Our private detectives are former police officers with experience providing an array of private investigation services for law firms including:

  • Complete Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Subrosa Surveillance
  • Locating & Interviewing Witnesses
  • Legal Process Service
  • Skip Tracing
  • Mass Tort Locates

With over 10,000 members in our national network of licensed private investigators-

Nobody Is Beyond Our Reach!

Private Investigators With Credibility!

Bringing a licensed private investigator and honorably retired police officer into investigate your clients’ case will have a tremendous positive effect on how clients perceive your firm. With our unsurpassed experience in conducting private investigations comes credibility, and that creditability will likely become yours when you hire us. Our firms specializes in criminal law, family law and insurance claims.

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