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The Private Security Center is a contemporary security and investigative firm established to provide comprehensive security and investigative services that go above and beyond the status quo, “observe and report.” In the age of high crime, roving street mobs and terror, traditional security guard services have shown to be ineffective in protecting people and property. And making matters worse, standardized industry service models make security guard services too expensive and unaffordable, leaving far too many residents and businesses having to make the tough decision to go unprotected.

Recognizing this problem, we redeveloped our service models and now offer shared security guard and private patrol service protections plans, where customers can get the protection they need for a faction of the cost. Click here to learn more.

We also developed Lock it Down™,  a technologically advanced emergency notification and visitor management system and put it in the hands of our company’s first responders. The results, better service, better response times and better protection.

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