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The Private Security Center is a working cooperative of former law enforcement officers – established to provide comprehensive security and investigative services to individuals, businesses, religious institutions and critical infrastructure that go above and beyond the current industry standards of just observing and reporting. Traditional observing and reporting standards are proving less effective in protecting people and property in the age of terror and high crime as recently demonstrated by many active shooters and terrorist events occurring across the country. Security guards are quickly being overwhelmed and many times neutralized by their adversaries before they can act.

In response to this problem, the Private Security & Investigator Center began developing an advanced facility lockdown and emergency notification system – that when integrated with traditional security guard services – would minimize a an active shooter’s access victims. We our happy to report our success in developing our proprietary Talos Campus AI Guard System. Our Talos Campus AI Guard system is customizable to every school/medical campus and largely populated facility. Learn more about how Talos Campus AI Guard ¬†technology can protect and save the lives or your students, staff and visitors and reduce your campus’ civil liability.

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