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Security is about protecting lives and property and with professional security guards across the State of California, we’re able to protect people, organizations, healthcare and school campuses at a moments notice. Our protection services continue to remain unmatched by any of our competition because we design, build (in house) and integrate into our protection services – some of the most advanced artificially intelligent security, investigative & surveillance technology available on the commercial market. With this technology in the hands of our skilled security & investigative personnel, we will keep you, your organization and campus safe amidst any disaster, crime, terrorist attack, active shooter or threat occurring. Remember, we it comes to selecting security guard and private investigative services to protect lives, property – your legal interests –  bigger is not better. The most effective security guard and private investigator services deploy off small work force models that can be scaled rapidly and custom built around those they protect. No two people or organizations are alike, so no two security systems should be either. So call us, you’ll be glad you did.

Our Protection Services
Armed/Unarmed Security Guards
Armed Private Patrols
Executive Protection
Special Events Security
Security & Threat Assessments
Private Investigations & More!
Asset Protection & More!
Campus Security Technology
Campus a.i. Guard
exclusively by the Private Security Center

Secure your campus or facility with the most advanced visitor, student & employee security system ever created. Talos Campus A.I. Guard was built and engineered by first responders to save lives thwart active shooters, terrorist attacks and monitor hostile individuals before they attack.

Visitor Management Features:

Instant Criminal Background, Sex Offender Registry & Terrorist Watch List Checks On Visitors
Runs Visitors Against Customizable Watchlists of Banned/Restricted Visitors & Students
Creates Expiring Visitor Badges
Automatically Notifies Employees of Visitor Arrivals/Departures

Emergency / Security Features:

Initiate Lockdowns
Emergency Alerts w/ 911 Silent Alarm
Controlled Evacuation Notifications
Instant Roll Call of Employees, Visitors & Students During Emergencies
Why Choose Us?

We’ve developed the most cutting edge campus security technology and put it in the hands of the most qualified  professional security officers  available for hire, local former and reserve police officers. The result, an open campus secured like never before. 

Backed by Blue…

  • Full On-Campus Training & Support
    From Police Advisors
  • Local On-Call Emergency & Disaster Planners
  • Comprehensive Campus Security Assessments
    & Plans
  • Coordinated Lockdown Drills & Training w/
    Local First Responders

Get Protected Today! Call 1-855-742-3687 Now!

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